Early Childhood Education Degrees In Oregon

Welcome to Oregon, a stunning state in the USA’s Pacific Northwest. Oregon, well-known for its breathtaking scenery and energetic cities, is committed to offering top-notch education, especially early childhood education. Early childhood education is essential for influencing young learners’ futures, and Oregon has realized the value of providing thorough degree programs in this area.

The educational institutions in Oregon are dedicated to giving students access to affordable, engaging programs that will provide them with the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in early childhood education. 

This article will explore many Oregon universities providing online and on-ground early childhood education degrees. We will examine their courses, activities, and special possibilities for students. Oregon offers early childhood education programs for all levels of education, whether you want to start your career with an associate degree or aspire for advanced research and leadership positions with a Ph.D. Join us as we explore the wonderful opportunities for early childhood education in Oregon.

Early Childhood Education Degrees in Oregon- On-ground

Here’s our list of institutions offering early childhood education degrees in Oregon! 

Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education

Portland Community College- Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education

The Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education program at Portland Community College equips students with the fundamental know-how and abilities required for a profession in early childhood education. This curriculum is made to get people ready to work with young kids in different educational settings.

The Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education curriculum includes core subjects like child development, age-appropriate curriculum design, observation and assessment methods, child health and safety, and family involvement tactics. To assist young children’s growth and development, students thoroughly understand early childhood education ideas and techniques.

Interested applicants should visit the Portland Community College website and follow the application requirements to apply for the program. Confirming the application requirements and deadlines the college’s admissions office sets is recommended.

Graduates with an Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education can choose from several early childhood education-related employment opportunities. They might work as family support specialists, teaching assistants, childcare facility personnel, Head Start program staff, or preschool instructors. 

Graduates wishing to pursue a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education can transfer to a four-year college. This may lead to more career options like a lead teacher, program director, or early childhood education consultant.

UMPQUA Community College- Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

The UMPQUA Community College is offering an associate of applied science to collaborate with local communities to develop high-quality early childhood educators who can fulfill the requirements of young children from birth to age five. The program allows students to learn theory and use their talents in early childhood settings.

Students earning an Early Childhood Education AAS degree from UCC are prepared to work with children in public and private school settings. Throughout the program, students acquire the unique abilities and information needed to work with young children and their families in various early childhood education and care settings. Preschools, private kindergartens, public and private infant-toddler centers, and in-home care settings are examples of these environments.

Those interested can visit the UMPQUA Community College website and follow the application requirements to apply for the program. It is advised to check the particular specifications carefully and the due dates provided by the college’s admissions office.

Columbia Gorge Community College- Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education 

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood Education offered by Columbia Gorge Community College equips learners with the knowledge and abilities to interact successfully with young children in various educational settings. The curriculum is created to meet national professional standards and competency requirements for the newborn to age eight continuum, concentrating on young children from birth to age 5.

The curriculum gives students the skills to design inclusive and culturally sensitive learning settings, involve families as partners in collaboration, and use efficient teaching techniques. The curriculum can be finished full- or part-time over seven successive terms. It builds on the ECE Fundamentals and ECE Curriculum certifications, ensuring students thoroughly understand early childhood education principles and methods.

Anyone interested in applying can visit the Columbia Gorge Community College website and use the application instructions to apply. Reviewing the particular requirements, such as placement into math and writing classes, outlined by the college’s admissions department is advised.

Graduates with an AAS in Early Childhood Education are well-prepared for various employment possibilities. They can pursue careers in early childhood education settings that involve developing curricula, instructing, involving families, and leading. Graduates can also transfer their credits to a four-year university to continue their studies and work toward a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or a similar subject.

Chemeketa Community College-Associate of Arts/Oregon Transfer Degree in Elementary Education 

The Oregon Transfer Degree in Elementary Education, an Associate of Arts degree offered by Chemeketa Community College, is focused on elementary education. Students who intend to transfer to a four-year university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in elementary education or a similar discipline are the target audience for this program. The degree program offers a thorough curriculum that complies with the standards of the Oregon Transfer Module, ensuring a seamless transfer of credits to Oregon public colleges.

Chemeketa Community College’s AA in Elementary Education program combines general education requirements with courses on the basics of teaching. Child development, instructional techniques, diversity in the classroom, and educational psychology are just a few of the topics that students will study. A strong foundation in primary education is provided by this curriculum, enabling students to pursue further study and specialization in their chosen bachelor’s degree program.

Visit the Chemeketa Community College website and follow the application instructions if you want to apply for the program. It is crucial to check the college admissions office’s specifications for the Associate of Arts/Oregon Transfer Degree program.

Eastern Oregon University- Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Associate of Arts degree is available from Eastern Oregon University. Those interested in working as educational assistants in K–12 education or early childhood settings should enroll in this program, designed to give students a strong foundation in early childhood education. It also provides a helpful path for individuals interested in a career in social services.

If you want to become an elementary teacher educator or enroll in a multidisciplinary studies bachelor’s program, earning an AA in Early Childhood Education can be helpful. The curriculum offers a solid educational foundation and serves as a guide for freshmen and sophomores. A minimum of 90 graded credits are required for the AA in Early Childhood Education, with a minimum “C-” mark in each course. You need a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 to complete the major. 

Interested parties should visit the university’s official website or contact the admissions office for more information on how to apply for the AA in Early Childhood Education at Eastern Oregon University.

With an AA in Early Childhood Education, graduates have various professional options after graduation, such as work as educational assistants in K–12 classrooms, jobs in early childhood settings, or chances in social services. The program also acts as a stepping stone for students who want to continue their education and pursue a bachelor’s degree in Multidisciplinary Studies or enroll in a program for aspiring elementary teachers.

Central Oregon Community College- Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees are available from Central Oregon Community College. The main objective of this program is to give students a firm grounding in theories, curriculum objectives, and developmentally appropriate teaching and supervision practices for employment as paraprofessionals in public schools or early childhood classes.

Students will gain knowledge of the fundamental theories that inform early childhood development and education throughout the program. They will also learn about the developmental domains in which children learn and how to build relationships in families and communities while considering cultural diversity. 

The program also stresses the significance of watching, recording, and evaluating children’s learning and development to construct effective programs and curricula. Students will acquire the skills to build engaging curricula and effective guidance techniques using developmentally appropriate methods.

Students who want to enroll in the Early Childhood Education AAS program must fill out the COCC application, pay the application cost, activate their COCC account, and finish the online Bobcat Welcome orientation. Accepted students will give placement data, participate in registration and advising, and attend Bobcat Orientation to start their classes confidently.

Clackamas Community College- Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education and Family Studies

Clackamas Community College provides a two-year AAS degree program in Early Childhood Education and Family Studies to educate students for careers in early childhood education. The course highlights children’s growth in various areas and gives students the tools to design interesting lessons.

 Students receive individualized guidance, practical instruction, and faculty support to gain practical experience. In their work experience places, program graduates frequently land full-time jobs. The program also emphasizes fostering educational fairness, diversity, and accessibility to build inclusive classrooms.

Aspiring learners must complete the Clackamas Community College application process before they may apply for the Early Childhood Education and Family Studies program. The program accepts participants from various academic backgrounds and provides flexible course alternatives, such as online, evening, and Friday classes, To meet the needs of a wide range of students.

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Southern Oregon University-Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development

Southern Oregon University offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Early Childhood Development. This course is intended for working people who have finished roughly two years of college curriculum and are looking for a flexible online learning environment. Students who complete the program are prepared for careers that involve working with young children and their families.

The Southern Oregon University Early Childhood Development program offers the upper-division curriculum required for a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development. Before transferring to SOU, students are advised to finish lower-division general education and early childhood education courses at community institutions. The program provides a mix of required and elective early childhood courses that enable students to build a solid foundation in the industry.

Candidates can fill out an online application and pay the required cost to be considered for admission. Official transcripts from high school or college are necessary, and applicants may supplement their application with exam results, letters of recommendation, and a CV. Using their login ID and pin, applicants can monitor the status of their applications online.

Graduates of the Early Childhood Development program may find employment as a preschool teacher, a Head Start Program instructor, an administrator, a family advocate, an early interventionist, or an educational assistant, or they may pursue graduate study as MAT students.

Western Oregon University- Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

The Western Oregon University Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Early Childhood Studies program is formed to educate students for a rewarding future as early childhood educators and leaders in the industry. The information and abilities provided by this degree enable one to influence children, families, communities, and society positively.

The program focuses on various elements of early childhood education, such as early intervention, inclusive classrooms, preschool programming, care for infants and toddlers, home visits, and family childcare initiatives. Understanding child development, inclusive methods, and data interpretation will become a firm basis for students. The degree can also be a springboard for higher education in counseling, social work, and education.

Western Oregon University’s Early Childhood Studies department has a four-year curriculum. 

In the first two years: Early childhood education principles and the physical requirements of young children are covered in depth in the foundational coursework. 

In the third year: Students take more advanced courses in the subject matter they are studying and choose electives that suit their interests.

In the last year:  Students can combine their knowledge and abilities in the last year, referred to as the “professional education core,” and put them into effect through practical applications and peer collaboration.

Prospective students must complete Western Oregon University’s application procedure to apply for the Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Studies degree. Additionally, the university’s website lists all of the specific prerequisites and deadlines for admission.

Oregon State University- Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Sciences

The Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS) bachelor’s degree program at Oregon State University equips students with a thorough understanding of family dynamics and human development. This highly regarded program’s main goals are to better people’s lives and give families, communities, and individuals the tools they need to prosper.

Students majoring in HDFS at Oregon State examine how people develop their lives and relationships in various environments, including families, schools, workplaces, and societies. They obtain knowledge and abilities to support fairness, inclusiveness, and diversity, as well as information about the various phases of development from childhood to maturity. The curriculum prepares participants for fulfilling professions in the human services sector, where they can significantly impact children, families, and communities.

Potential candidates must finish Oregon State University’s application procedure to apply for the HDFS program. This entails sending a personal statement, letters of recommendation, official transcripts, standardized test results (if applicable), and an online application. 

Graduates of HDFS can choose from a wide range of professions, such as social worker, youth development specialist, adoption agency counselor, childcare coordinator, mental health counselor, preschool or childcare teacher, and many more. Students who complete the degree are prepared to work in fields like learning psychology, welfare, pediatrics and social service work.

Pacific University Oregon-Bachelor of Arts in Education and Learning

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Education and Learning from Pacific University Oregon allows students to gain practical teaching experience and a thorough understanding of education principles. The curriculum strongly emphasizes experiential learning through on-site early learning communities, neighborhood schools, and study abroad courses that explore other educational systems worldwide.

The program in education and learning gives students a thorough understanding of the curricular, social, philosophical, and psychological facets of education. They acquire the abilities and expertise to deal with kids in diverse educational environments. A teaching license and endorsements in elementary education, special education, and teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL) are also available through the curriculum.

Future students can submit the Common Application’s online application to apply for admission. Applicants are advised to contact their Pacific University admissions advisor and ask about options for visits and scholarships.

Due to their significant practical classroom teaching experience, Pacific University’s Education and Learning Department graduates are in high demand as educators. The university offers further assistance to beginning teachers through its New Teacher Academy. In the College of Education at Pacific University, students can also pursue graduate degrees and add-on endorsements.

Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

University of Oregon- MA, MS, MEd with Endorsement in Special Education: Early Intervention Licensure 

Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE) is a focus of the Special Education Master’s program offered by the University of Oregon. This program trains professionals to deliver high-quality services to disabled children aged 0 to 5 years by  focusing on inclusive practices and family-guided intervention,

Graduates of the program can go on to work as classroom teachers, service coordinators, parenting coaches, EI/ECSE specialists, and more. Coursework and practical internships are part of the program, emphasizing evidence-based approaches.

The Division of Graduate Studies at the University of Oregon has admission standards that prospective students must fulfill to apply for the program. For international applicants, this often entails meeting an English language proficiency requirement, having a bachelor’s degree from a regionally approved institution, and providing all required application materials, such as transcripts and, in certain cases, standardized test results.

After completing the program, graduates can pursue employment as EI/ECSE experts, service coordinators, parenting coaches, classroom teachers, and other positions. They are also qualified to apply for the Oregon preliminary teaching license.

University of Oregon- MA, MS, MEd with Endorsement in Special Education: K-12 Licensure

A master’s degree program with special education K–12 certification is available from the University of Oregon. This curriculum will equip professionals to deal with disabled students in K–12 settings.

The program’s main goal is to give special education professionals thorough training and support as they advance. Students learn how to create, deliver, and constantly enhance successful educational experiences for people with disabilities. The curriculum strongly emphasizes working with general educators to help kids reach state benchmark standards.

Students gain competence in special education principles, assessment and intervention procedures, behavior management, curriculum development, and instructional strategies for various learners through courses and real-world experiences. Along with meeting the requirements of students with less severe disabilities, the curriculum emphasizes community-referenced functional skills.

To be eligible to apply, Individuals must possess a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution in the United States that is regionally accredited or a comparable degree from an approved foreign educational institution to be eligible to apply. Each program may have different entry criteria, including GPA and standardized exam requirements. Graduates of the program have a high employment rate, and students gain access to a solid foundation in nationally renowned empirical and best practices research.

Ph.D. Degree in Early Childhood Education

University of Oregon- Ph.D. in Special Education

The University of Oregon has a Ph.D. program in Special Education that focuses on several subfields, such as English language learners, early intervention, learning difficulties, secondary-transition solutions, behavioral and emotional disorders, positive behavior aid, autism, and developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

Strong credentials, such as master’s degrees or prior teaching experience, are required for admission to the program. The application procedure entails presenting official transcripts, demonstrating that you have the necessary English language skills, giving financial documentation for applicants from outside the United States, and meeting any other requirements that may be associated with a particular program.

The University of Oregon’s Ph.D. program in Special Education trains students for various careers, such as research and teaching positions in higher education, research positions with private foundations, administrative positions in school districts and educational organizations, and consultation roles in professional education. 

Graduates can work in various settings, including conducting research, instructing young children, managing residential living facilities, coordinating in-service training programs, advising teachers, managing special education programs, and working with experts in various fields.

University of Oregon- Doctorate in Educational Leadership

The Doctor of Education (D.Ed.) program in Educational Leadership at the University of Oregon aims to produce influential individuals in educational practice, policy, and scholarship. The curriculum has a strong emphasis on improving leadership skills, putting improvement plans into practice, and monitoring educational outcomes. 

This program is designed for working educational professionals who want to improve their communication, evaluation, and research abilities. The curriculum emphasizes ensuring equal outcomes in Pre-K–12 education while integrating evidence-based decision-making. The program’s systems-level approach prepares graduates to comprehend and influence the educational system through impartial research and evaluation techniques. 

The University of Oregon’s Doctor of Education (D.Ed.) program requires applicants to submit official transcripts, demonstrate their language proficiency, and provide program-specific materials like a curriculum vitae, test results, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and writing samples.

Early Childhood Education Degrees in Oregon- Online

Here’s our guide to institutions offering online degree options in early childhood education. 

Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education

Portland Community College- Associate Degree for Educator

The Educator AAS Degree program at Portland Community College (PCC) is intended to prepare students for various positions in educational settings. Courses for Teacher Relicensing and Elementary Education Transfer are also offered by PCC. Students can transfer credits for an Associate of General Studies degree or an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree to continue their studies at four-year colleges.

Prospective students should visit PCC’s website and follow the application guidelines to apply for the programs. They can also contact the Education Department for advice and additional details on entrance requirements.

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Eastern Oregon University- Online Bachelor of Science/Arts in Early Childhood Education

An online Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Science/Arts degree is available from Eastern Oregon University. This non-licensure program equips early childhood educators with comprehensive knowledge and trains them for teaching and positions of leadership in the public and private sectors. The top Schools and College Choice selected the program as one of the top online programs, and it was listed as one of the Top 30 Affordable ECE Degree Online Programs.

The curriculum encompasses many subjects, including early childhood education, child development, health and wellness, literature, and technology. Students acquire real-world experience by observing professionals in authentic classroom settings and applying their online theories. The two paths in the program are a Bachelor of Arts with a foreign language requirement or a Bachelor of Science with additional scientific credits.

Interested individuals can complete the Eastern Oregon University website inquiry form to apply for the online Bachelor in Early Childhood Education program. They will learn more about the program, after which they can apply.

Southern Oregon University-Online Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development

An online Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development program is available from Southern Oregon University for working people who have taken around two years of college study. 

Preschool teachers, Head Start program teachers, administrators, family advocates, early interventionists, educational assistants, and potential Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) students are just a few of the careers this program prepares students for.

Low-level general educational and early childhood education programs, which can be taken on campus or at nearby community colleges, are prerequisites for the program. Students must submit the relevant materials, including official transcripts from high school or college, and the online application to be considered. You might include extra supporting materials to strengthen the application, including test results, recommendation letters, and a resume. 

The program’s graduates can work as kindergarten teachers, childcare providers, or social workers for families, children, and schools. Students can pursue higher degrees or certificates in the profession with the help of the curriculum, which gives them a strong foundation.

Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Southern Oregon University- Online Master of Science in Education with a Concentration in Leadership in Early Childhood Education

A Master of Science in Education with a Concentration in Leadership in Early Childhood Education is available online from Southern Oregon University. This program aims to provide educators and early childhood education specialists with the information and abilities to assess and promote instructional decisions and educational policies for young children.

The curriculum offers a flexible and all-encompassing approach to address current issues in early childhood education, such as pedagogical leadership, trauma-informed practices, and multicultural family and community participation. The early childhood education curriculum incorporates theoretical and applied research into the management of staff, parent involvement, and program administration. Students also look at developing collaborative relationships between kids and teachers and cross-cultural and developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

Individuals interested in applying can fill out the online application, provide the necessary paperwork, such as transcripts, and, if they choose, add further resources to strengthen their case. Admission decisions are normally made within two to three weeks of the application status being reviewed online.

University of Oregon- Online MA, MS, MEd with Endorsement in Special Education: Early Intervention Licensure

Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education (EI/ECSE) is a field of study available online through the University of Oregon’s Master’s program. With a thorough curriculum centered on inclusive practices and family-guided intervention, this program offers professionals the training to work with children with impairments. 

The curriculum strongly emphasizes constructive methods and evidence-based tactics in subjects, including child development assessment, activity-based intervention, culturally sensitive techniques, coaching and consulting, and teamwork.

A bachelor’s degree from a regionally authorized university or an internationally recognized equivalent is the prerequisite for applying. For applicants from outside the United States, competency in the English language and adequate financial support are also necessary. Different application fees can be paid through a credit card for domestic and foreign candidates.

Portland State University- Master’s Degree in Early Childhood: Inclusive Education

A master’s degree in inclusive early childhood education is available online from Portland State University. This interdisciplinary curriculum aims to prepare teachers and social service providers to deal with young children, from birth to age 8, in inclusive environments. The program strongly emphasizes how culture, variety, and growth all play a part in young children’s and their families daily lives. 

The course provides online instruction, possibilities for action research, creative practice influenced by the Helen Gordon Child Development Center, study abroad choices, and summer intensives. Students within this program participate in constructivist, inquiry-based learning and study topics, including action research, inclusive strategies, and anti-bias education.

Applicants can find requirements and deadlines on the Portland State University Admissions Application page. First-time users can register a new account while returning users can log in using their Odin username and password. The university offers assistance during the application process.

Early childhood education leaders working in inclusive early childhood programs, preschools, infant/toddler classrooms, public programs, and Head Start facilities are produced by program graduates. They could also work for various social services and community groups that support families, develop curricula, coach teachers, and provide mental health services.


In conclusion, Oregon has a wide variety of academic institutions that offer degree programs in early childhood education both on-ground and online. These courses are made to fit students’ needs and daily lives, giving them the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in early childhood education. These programs educate graduates for rewarding jobs working with young children and their families by stressing the significance of early childhood development and inclusive approaches.

If you’re considering getting an Early Childhood Education degree in Oregon, you must carefully assess your career objectives and desires before choosing a school. People can start down a rewarding career path that impacts young children’s lives by doing their research and selecting the correct curriculum.

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