Early Childhood Education Degree In Maryland

Indeed, early childhood education is essential for young children’s mental and physical development. Maryland has ranked sixth amongst the states with the best school and colleges. In this enormous state, everyone knows the importance of early childhood Education. This state is well known for its commitment to excellent education and offers several opportunities for aspiring early childhood educators.

Pursuing an Early Childhood Education degree in Maryland can give you the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this rewarding profession if you are passionate about working with young learners and positively impacting their lives. By obtaining degrees in early childhood education, students can learn about child development, instructional strategies, curriculum design, and many more. 

We will explore universities and colleges in Maryland offering Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs for students who want to pursue careers as influential personalities. Let’s get started!

Early Childhood Education Degrees in Maryland- On-ground

Finding the right institution is difficult when multiple universities offer early childhood education degrees in Maryland. Well, here’s our list of top institutions! 

Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education

Baltimore City Community College- Associate of Applied Science  in Early Childhood Education

The Baltimore community college has been providing a high-quality education at affordable prices in Maryland. The Associate of Applied Science in early childhood education offered by the college is designed for individuals passionate to pursue their career teaching the young learners. The leading purpose of this course is to prepare students to deal with young children from birth to age eight.

This program explores theories of child development and programming for children, supervised field placement, and observation. Moreover, the university encourages students to develop their skills by working with young children in multiple activities, such as science, music, art, and storytelling. By doing that, students can learn how to manage children and create an engaging environment helpful for their development.

The curriculum of this 18-credit-hour program covers various topics, including child development, early childhood education theory and practice, curriculum design, classroom management, assessment strategies, and family engagement. If you are interested in this program, you have to visit the college’s official website, fill out the application form, attach the official transcripts,, and start your journey today! 

Montgomery College- Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education Technology

Associate of Applied Science at Montgomery College is a perfect degree for those who want to become an influential educator and pursue a career in early childhood education. Montgomery College allows students to learn from expert instructors, and small class sizes help students to interact with the dedicated teaching staff maximally. 

Throughout the prrogram, students will work with children from infancy through age eight in various early childhood settings. Graduates from Montgomery College can start employment because this university ensure a higher job placement rates. They can begin working as program coordinators, curriculum developers, educational consultants, or childcare administrators. Graduates may further enhance their education by transferring credits toward a bachelor’s degree program in early childhood education or a related field.

This 60-credit-hour program is covered in four semesters, with an amalgam of both theory and practice. With theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and technological expertise, graduates are ready to contribute to early childhood education and make a meaningful difference in the next generation’s lives. For enrollment, you have to visit the official website, complete the application, meet all the prerequisites, and begin your journey as a passionate learner!

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Towson University- Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Special Education

Towson University has been ranked among top 50 prestigious institutes in Maryland, offering a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood and special education. This course is specifically designed for those ardent to becoming certified teachers to teach early childhood (pre-KG through grade 3) and special education (birth through grade 3). 

This 4-year Early Childhood and Special Education program will equip future educators with the knowledge, skills, and practical experiences necessary to create inclusive and engaging learning environments for children from birth through grade three.  One of the hallmarks of this program is its emphasis on integrating theory with hands-on experiences. 

The curriculum of this program includes child development, educational psychology, instructional strategies, and assessment techniques through rigorous coursework and field-based practicums. Applicants learn how to differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of learners, including those with disabilities or special educational needs.

Throughout the program, students get the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to become effective teachers in various settings, including public and private schools, early intervention programs, inclusive preschools, and community organizations.

Graduates of this program are highly sought after and have a strong track record of success in securing employment or pursuing advanced degrees in education. To become part of this bachelor program, students must have a 3.0 GPA with the minimum” C” grade in general education. 

University of Maryland Eastern Shore- Bachelor of Science in Child Development

University of Maryland Eastern is one of the largest educational institutes with an 85% admission acceptance rate in College Backbone RD. This university offers a Bachelor of Science for those individuals who are passionate about influencing the lives of children from birth to age 8. 

The curriculum is designed to provide students with a multidisciplinary approach to child development. Courses encompass a range of disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, education, and health sciences. This interdisciplinary perspective allows students to examine child development through different lenses, broadening their understanding and enabling them to make connections across various fields.

Graduates of this program generally pursue roles as child development specialists, early childhood educators, family support specialists, program coordinators, researchers, or advocates for children’s rights. Graduates also have a solid foundation for further study in child development and Psychology graduate programs. 

Faculty members bring their research expertise and real-world experiences into the classroom, ensuring students receive a comprehensive and up-to-date education. The program also encourages students to engage in critical thinking, reflection, and collaborative learning, preparing them to become competent and compassionate professionals.

Morgan State University- Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences 

The most prominent and high-ranking institute, Morgan State University, offers over 52 degrees in various fields to help students achieve their goals and start their professional careers. The primary purpose of designing this program is to discuss relationships among people in their personal spaces and biological, social, and economic environments. Moreover, this Bachelor of Science degree is comprehensive in two tracks: Fashion Merchandising and General Family and Consumer Sciences.

Fashion Merchandising: This track is ideal for those who want to pursue their career in the retail, wholesale market, Publicity, sales and marketing, fashion, and Merchandising. In this course, students can also deeply understand business and management concepts.

General Family and Consumer Sciences: This track is for that students who are ardent to pursue their careers in schools, colleges, child care, and business federal program. Students keen to teach Grades 7 through 12 or early childhood education must pass the Praxis I and II.

The University of Maryland- Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education

The University of Maryland, located in College Park, MD, is a public community university offering a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. This Bachelor’s degree combines the foundational principles of early childhood education with the specialized knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with children with disabilities or special educational needs. 

Students deeply understand child development, learning theories, curriculum design, and instructional strategies tailored to young children. Students can choose their electives depending on their desires and preferences. Once students complete a 4-year bachelor degree, they are well-prepared to pursue various career paths. 

Graduates from the University of Maryland are eligible for jobs in early childhood education, including public and private schools, Head Start programs, inclusive preschools, and early intervention programs. Are you ready to be part of this Bachelor’s program? But wait, Are you eligible for this program or not? 

The student needs a 3.0 GPA with a “C” grade in Fundamental English and math. This 45-credit-hour program comprises of 8 semesters. Visit the university’s official website, fill out the application form, and start your journey toward a fulfilling career in early childhood education!

Coppin State University- Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Coppin State University is a prestigious institute in Maryland, offering over 750 courses, that can change students’ lives and help them to grow professionally. This Bachelor of Science in early childhood is ideal for those who want to become influential educators in childhood education. This program has accreditation by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). 

The primary goal of this program is to prepare educators for teaching in preschool through third-grade classrooms. The curriculum of this program is complex and aligned with the National standards in early childhood education. Students engage in coursework that covers a wide range of topics, including child development, early literacy, curriculum planning, assessment, and family engagement. 

They also explore the importance of cultural competence and diversity, learning to create inclusive classrooms that value and respect all children’s unique backgrounds and experiences. To graduate with this bachelor’s degree student must complete 120 credit hours. 

Master’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Towson University- Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education

The Master of early childhood education at Towson University aims to provide a high-quality education that helps students sharpen the young’s mind. This program is based on advanced research and practical experience in early childhood. Moreover, Students also delve into research methodologies and gain data analysis skills, enabling them to contribute to the knowledge base in the field.


Graduates of the program emerge as well-rounded and highly qualified early childhood educators ready to positively impact the lives of young children and their families. They have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to effectively plan and implement appropriate curriculums, assess children’s learning, differentiate instruction to meet individual needs, create inclusive and culturally responsive classrooms, and collaborate with families and other professionals.

You don’t need a GRE score to apply for this 60-credit hour program, but a 3.0 GPA is required. Furthermore, a baccalaureate degree from a college or university is another essential requirement. All you have to do is to complete the application process on the official website and begin your journey! 

Loyola University Maryland- Masters of Education in Montessori Education

Master of education at Loyola University provides sufficient training to educators to prepare them for the tiring work and responsibility of helping young children and training them for future battles. This program combines the rich educational tradition of Loyola University with the principles and philosophy of Maria Montessori, creating a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that prepares educators to be leaders in Montessori classrooms and schools.

This program’s curriculum is designed rigorously to provide students with extensive knowledge regarding Montessori theory and practice. Courses cover a wide range of topics, including observation and assessment, curriculum design, classroom management, and the role of the Montessori educator. The Master’s program offers two different pathways:

Concurrent Pathway: At Loyola University, students can choose specialized graduates in Montessori education according to their preferences. They have divided into three levels the infant (ages 0-3), primary (ages 2.5-6), or elementary (ages 6-12) level. Graduates are eligible to receive (an AMI) diploma and a Master of Education (MEd) as well. 

Post-Diploma Pathway: It also offers a post-diploma pathway for Montessori teachers. One of the key strengths of the Post-Diploma Pathway is its focus on integrating Montessori principles with the participant’s existing knowledge and experience in early childhood education. Graduates will receive a Montessori certificate along with a Master of Education.

McDaniel College- Masters of Science in Elementary Education

Master of Science in elementary education at McDaniel College mainly concentrates on early childhood education, emphasizing assessment and evaluation techniques and classroom management. The degree is designed to bring innovation and advancement in early childhood education, so it is not an initial teacher program.


This program is for only those with a bachelor’s degree who seek to obtain elementary education certification or deepen their knowledge and skills in this field. It provides a rigorous and well-rounded curriculum that combines theory and practice, equipping educators with the necessary tools to excel in elementary classrooms.


The faculty of this 33-credit-hour program is highly qualified and expert in bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Graduates of McDaniel College can start employment immediately in preschools and child care centers. Moreover, McDaniel College provides excellent options for students to add an endorsement to their teaching certificate.

  • Administrator I Certification
  • Elementary Math Instructional Leader
  • Gifted and Talented Education Specialist (GATES)
  • STEM Instructional Leadership 

Ph.D. Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

The University of Maryland- Ph.D. in Human Development

If you dream to get a high-rank position in the early childhood field, such as a curriculum specialist, then P.h.D in human development at the University of Maryland is the ideal program for you. This program aims to produce leaders in early childhood settings, focusing on teaching children from birth to age 8.

Once you complete your Ph.D. in human development, graduates are well-prepared to impact young children’s lives positively. The curriculum of this program is carefully crafted to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of human development from infancy to adulthood. Students can explore the intricate interplay of biological, psychological, social, and cultural factors that shape individuals throughout their lives.

Through a multidisciplinary lens, you’ll study topics such as cognitive development, socialization processes, identity formation, family dynamics, and the impact of various environments on human flourishing. The university always emphasizes research and practical learning. Under the guidance of expert faculty members, students can actively engage in cutting-edge research projects, honing their research design, data analysis, and interpretation skills. 

To apply for this program, a student needs a graduation degree in early childhood education or a relevant field. If you meet the requirement, visit the official website and start to become a passionate learner.

Early Childhood Education Degrees in Maryland- Online

Let’s discuss some institutions that offer online degree options in early childhood education! 

Associate Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Montgomery College: Online Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education Technology

To entirely online Associate of Applied Science in early childhood education at Montgomery College aims to provide a unique virtual experience worldwide, even if you live outside of Maryland. This program is designed to prepare graduates for their careers in various designations, including preschool teachers, heads of the program, and child advocates. 

Moreover, if students wish to take an advanced degree in early childhood education, they can pursue a bachelor’s degree. Montgomery College, a reputable and forward-thinking institution in Maryland, is firmly committed to providing quality education and preparing students for success in their chosen fields. 

The Online Associate program offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines the principles of early childhood education with the latest advancements in technology. This 60- credit hour program is comprised of four semesters. This program allows young children to work with children from birth to age 5. It aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and technological competencies necessary to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for young learners. 

Students can access coursework and participate in discussions at their convenience, allowing them to tailor their learning experience to fit their schedules. The program utilizes various online tools and platforms, such as virtual classrooms and interactive simulations, to create an engaging and collaborative learning environment. 

Additionally, students have access to dedicated online support services, including academic advising and technical assistance, ensuring they receive the support they need throughout their academic journey. 

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Coppin State University- Online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education Human Development program

Coppin state university is a well-known and reliable institute offering various online programs for those who want to do something creative in an early childhood setting. This Bachelor of Science program is designed to focus on teaching young children during the early stages of development. Educators prepare for meaningful interaction with young children through theory, content, and strategy.

This program targets individuals ardent to work with children from infancy to age five in an early childhood setting. Graduates of the program emerge as well-rounded and highly qualified early childhood educators, ready to make a meaningful impact on young children’s and their family’s lives. 

They deeply understand child development, educational theory, instructional strategies, and cultural competency. This foundation prepares them to design and implement developmentally appropriate curricula, create inclusive and engaging learning environments, assess children’s progress, and collaborate effectively with families and communities.

The Bachelor of Science program includes 120 credits, including an online general education course. You must visit the official website for more information regarding online Bachelor of Science in early childhood education.

Master’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Johns Hopkins University- Online Master of Science in Education – Digital Age Learning and Educational Technology

Johns Hopkins University ranked on number 7th due to its high-quality education, with a 95% acceptance rate, offering an online Master of Science in Education. This program is suitable for pre-k-16 teachers who love to use technology and learning sciences to create value for young children’s

The curriculum of the Online Master of Science program is carefully designed to address the evolving landscape of education in the digital age. Students delve into various topics, including educational technology integration, instructional design principles, digital content creation, data-driven decision-making, online learning environments, and technology-enhanced instruction assessment and evaluation.

Moreover, this program provides an opportunity to discover emerging trends and innovations in educational technology, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, gamification, mobile learning, and social media integration. Students gain a deep understanding of how these technologies can be effectively harnessed to create engaging and immersive learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of today’s learners. 

Towson University- Online Masters of Education in Early Childhood Education

Towson University offers a 100% online Master of Education in early childhood education to give support, knowledge, and skills to young children vital for their development and growth. This program offers an opportunity to select electives in advanced areas of specialization that support your area. 

Students can access course materials, engage in discussions, and complete assignments at their convenience, allowing them to balance their studies with their personal and professional commitments. The program utilizes innovative online learning platforms and tools to create an engaging and interactive learning experience. 

Virtual classrooms, multimedia resources, and collaborative projects foster a sense of community and provide peer interaction and collaboration opportunities. Graduates are prepared for employment in positions such as private and public school teachers, program directors, and educational curriculum specialists. To apply for this program, students don’t need a GRE score; a 3.0 GPA is more than enough. 


Early childhood education plays a crucial role in young minds’ development. As an educator, you can play a positive role in their lives and sharpen their mind to face future challenges. With various prestigious institutions and programs dedicated to early childhood education, such as Towson University, Montgomery College, and Coppin State University, educators in Maryland have access to comprehensive and rigorous training that prepares them to positively impact young children’s lives.

The state continues to invest in programs and initiatives that promote excellence and equity in early childhood education across the state. With its rich resources, dedicated professionals, and a solid commitment to the well-being of young learners, early childhood education in Maryland is poised to thrive and continue making a significant difference in the lives of children and their families. We have mentioned world-class universities and colleges offering many degrees in early childhood! 

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