Associate Degrees in Early Childhood Education

The landscape of education is ever-changing. However, one truth remains constant – early childhood experiences leave a great impact on a child’s development. These formative years shape the emotional intelligence, social interactions, and academic achievements of young children.

 In the beginning, children need someone who can serve them with the compassion and love they deserve. This is where the role of educators in early childhood education settings counts. However, the world of early childhood education is way more than just ABC and 123. It requires imagination, exploration, and growth.

If you are committed to changing young minds with your support, this article is for you. We have covered all the major associate degrees in early childhood education for those who want to pursue a career in serving young children.

University of Cincinnati – Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

The University of Cincinnati is well-known for its associate program that prepares individuals to provide high-quality education experiences to young children. The program mainly focuses on working with children and families from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The 100% online nature of the program proves that it is developed by keeping working professionals in mind. Moreover, it comes with four concentration options including preschool, infant and toddler, nature-based learning, and administration.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours out of which at least 20 should be completed at the University of Cincinnati. However, 36 credit hours are for child development coursework, 15 for concentration coursework, and 9 for electives. Other graduation requirements include passing out with a minimum of 2.0 university GPA. To apply for the program, students must submit an application form, and an official transcript in case of previous college experience.

POST University in Connecticut – Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education

The two-year academic program by POST University offers a well-rounded understanding of early childhood education. If you’re someone with a passion to help young children grow, this program will surely serve as a gateway to a successful career. The program provides core knowledge on the characteristics of developmental stages of infants, preschoolers, young children, and toddlers. 

Moreover, it gives students a clear understanding of how diverse families and communities work. You will also get to learn the appropriate skills needed to support optimal growth in young children. Opting for this program qualifies you for an opportunity to work as an assistant teacher, a family child care provider, a paraprofessional, a home visitor, or a family service worker. 

If you want to continue your education, graduates of this associate program can also complete a Bachelor of Science in child studies from the same university. You can study online or on campus, depending on your preferences. Both of the modes require you to submit a form with your previous education and additional information including your name, email, citizenship, and address.

University of New Mexico – Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education

The University of New Mexico offers a comprehensive program focusing on early learning concepts and pedagogy. The degree emphasizes the importance of creative methodologies in learning and teaching children from prekindergarten to grade 5. Students are required to complete 60 credit hours, which are further divided into two categories. These include general education requirements with 31 hours and early childhood education requirements with 29 hours.

The courses include communications, mathematics, natural science, social and behavioral science, humanities, second language, and art and design. Apart from this, students can also choose a 6-credit hour course of their own choice. The associate program also provides practical experience to students in diverse early childhood settings. Graduates can find various opportunities in education roles such as childcare center workers, early education teachers, and curriculum coordinators.

University of Arizona – Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education

The University of Arizona offers an online associate program that prepares students to work in the childcare field along with maintaining a professional edge over others. The degree comprises 67 credits. Students can transfer to a bachelor-level program after completion to advance their education in early childhood.

In this 2-year program, you will study digital fluency, information literacy, English composition, art appreciation, and atypical development. You can pursue a career as an educational assistant, tutor, childcare worker, or teacher aide in the future.

Ohio State University – Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Development

Associate of Arts in Early childhood education by Ohio state university helps students develop skills to work with children from birth to 5 years. The degree helps you launch a career as an educator with a knowledge of biology, family, and community. 

To graduate from Ohio State University, students need a high school diploma or GED. In addition to that, they are required to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours. 31 hours are dedicated to university requirements while the remaining 28 hours are to fulfill core requirements. Major courses included in the program are writing and related skills, quantitative and logical skills, natural science, humanities, family development, creativity, professional development, and fieldwork with targeted populations.

In addition, the degree has a transferable nature. It facilitates students’ progression into higher education, providing them with a platform to further specialize or broaden their careers in the field of education. Therefore, if you have any plans of advancing your knowledge in a similar field, this degree program can help you.

City University – Associate in Early Childhood Care and Education

City University presents an amazing opportunity for individuals who love spending time with young children. With their associate program, you can get the skills and credentials needed for a successful career with this age group. The program is famous for offering options in liberal arts and specialized courses in child care as well. You can choose one of two career areas to study, including infant, toddler, and preschool/early education.

If you choose Early Education, the coursework will cover the progression of ECE courses that cover a wide range of skills to maintain childcare settings. Graduates can establish careers in childcare centers, head start, nursery, and pre-kindergarten programs. Regarding the academic program map, you will study English composition, life and physical sciences, creative expression, world cultures and global issues, modern language courses, and general elective courses.

Baker College  – Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education shapes the future of young children; Baker College fully understands early childhood education. That’s why their associate degree in ECE has rigorous coursework covering all aspects of nurturing a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Major subjects covered under the curriculum include Introduction to early childhood education, healthy environments for early childhood, creative activities, Infant and toddler development, math, science, technology, and Engineering.

The program provides students a hands-on opportunity to develop their skills in planning age-appropriate activities in various environments. Students who complete their degrees can work in entry-level early childhood education positions such as a teacher’s assistant, child care program director, or preschool teacher. In this 2-year program, students are required to complete a minimum of 60 credit hours. 

Cowley College – Associate in Applied Science in Child Care and Development

Associate in applied sciences from Cowley College qualifies individuals to direct a center of 100 children after completing the program. The curriculum includes composition, general psychology, sociology, public speaking, ethics, and social problems. Students are at liberty to choose subjects from a long list of options. A total of 62 credit hours should be completed to get the degree. Some students are subject to giving necessary basic skill exams before enrolling in the program.

Liberty University – Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Liberty University brings you a chance to help young children succeed and flourish through their associate program in early childhood education. This university has been ranked one of’s top 3 online schools in America. 

The degree features early childhood education fundamentals, wellness in the early childhood setting, educational philosophy, and behavior and individual differences. The university compromises on the fees if you are an active duty military or military spouse, transfer student, emergency responder, and eligible for a scholarship.

Hudson County Community College – Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

The Associate in Early Childhood Education from Hudson County Community College covers diverse topics such as cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional development in children. Students can apply for a substitute teacher’s certificate for New Jersey Public Schools after the completion of 60 college credits. 

The program focuses on providing students with an exceptional experience based on the characteristics a quality teacher must have. The Hudson County Community College’s faculty believes we can change old pedagogical techniques to facilitate the youngest learners through innovation and research. 

Bay Path University – Associate In early childhood leadership

Bay Path University, a private university in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, offers an amazing 2-year Associate in early childhood leadership for aspiring educators. If you wish to join a team supporting young children, you must choose this program to bring a big change in their lives. The program offers an opportunity to work in child community-based programs, daycare settings, classroom environments, and similar fields to incorporate theoretical knowledge into practicums. 

As a student, you can expect to learn the current methods and approaches to teaching and classroom planning. Moreover, you will study the psychology of the early development of young children, such as their behavior, personality, and cognitive growth. The degree fosters an understanding of students’ administrative duties, policy formulation, and program evaluation. The practical component allows students to gain insights into valuable field experience.

Mesa Community College – Associate in Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

Associate in Early Childhood Education from Mesa Community College is best known for preparing students for employment as early childhood professionals. The program is a perfect blend of both theory and practice, providing students with an all-rounded approach. The credit hours required to complete this degree vary from 60 to 74. Students must obtain a grade of C or better in all courses for graduation. 

The program covers a unique amalgam of courses, including developing children, safety in early childhood, discipline, mainstreaming young children, humanities, creative and cognitive play, human communication, and maths. To enroll in Mesa Community College, you must explore various degree options, complete your admission application using your ID, set up two-factor authentication to access the Maricopa student system, submit your official transcript, and pay the fees. You are done! 


Pursuing a degree in early childhood education proves to be a major tool to shape the future of our young ones. These programs serve as a stepping stone for individuals who seek a rewarding career in nurturing young minds. It is not wrong to say that the importance of an associate degree in early childhood education lies in its ability to provide comprehensive training and skills to educators. It helps them positively impact children’s minds in their formative years.

You can make a successful career in different fields of early childhood education, including childcare centers, daycare settings, and preschool classrooms. Begin your exciting journey today!