Online Bachelors Degrees in Early Childhood Education

Regarding improving children’s academic and social behavior, we cannot neglect the importance of early childhood education. It helps children socialize and gain confidence over time. Various studies suggest that early childhood education familiarizes children with problem-solving, cooperation, and self-control. When children start believing in themselves, they are open to new challenges. 

According to Dr. Hawani Negussie, Assitant Professor of Early Childhood Education at UMass Global, ‘Early childhood education should be at the forefront of political, social, state and federal discussions because every single child deserves a high-quality education, regardless of race, ethnicity, or class.’ However, it is only possible with effective and responsive teaching practices. To foster emotional security and trust, educators play a huge part.

If you aspire to pursue early childhood education, we welcome you to a world of opportunities and growth. This article will explore the top universities that offer online bachelor’s in early childhood education. Let’s discover!

Arizona State University – Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education (BAE)

Arizona State University offers a comprehensive bachelor’s program in early childhood education. Their Bachelor’s program focuses on providing students with the necessary education to meet children’s educational and behavioral needs. The program explicitly targets children of age eight or grade 3. 

Pursuing the BAE program at Arizona State University will equip you with skills to conduct instructional design, assess children, monitor and report, and create inclusive learning environments. Students are also allowed to complete internships before starting a semester-long full-time teaching journey. Throughout the internship period, you can work with a certified mentor teacher and ASU faculty. It will help you practice things you would’ve learned during the coursework. 

You can take live classes while sitting at your home through Zoom. Classes are specifically designed to encourage real-time discussions and collaboration with faculty and the class fellows. 

University of Washington – Online Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Early Care and Education 

Opting for BA in Early Care and Education from the University of Washington will help you build your contextual and cultural knowledge of children’s learning. This program offers real-time opportunities to the students who apply for learning, skills and knowledge in early learning settings. Considering the curriculum, you can expect interdisciplinary coursework along with community-based learning. 

The main highlight of this program is the focus on community building. The University of Washington allows you to continue living and working in your community as you study online. You can directly apply from your community-based learning site, whether in a volunteer setting or workplace. Throughout each step, you will be supported by educators who can help you successfully navigate the program. All in all, the program offers access, relevance, and affordability. 

Oregon State University – Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences (Early Childhood) 

Choosing BS in Early Childhood Education from Oregon State University will bring you an option that promotes lifelong development, learning, and children’s health. As a student at Oregon State University, you will get to examine dynamics among children, schools, community, and parents. The program mainly focuses on the age period from prenatal to 8 years. 

The university provides an amazing opportunity for practical experiences through internships. You can directly work with students in child care, head start programs, preschools, etc. With so many options at hand, this program facilitates you to pursue special education, counseling, social work, human development, and psychology further. The program demands 180 credit hours to graduate successfully, out of which 60 should be upper division. The credits will count your baccalaureate core courses, electives, and HDFS courses.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education in a Mobile Society

The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education at the University of Nebraska is designed for professionals interested in working with mobile society. This online undergraduate program allows you to work in early childhood settings with children who need you. 

After completing the program, you will be qualified enough to work in different settings that offer early care and education on military installations or in the community. Some other options include before and after-school programs for children, head start programs, preschools, and childcare centers. 

The curriculum includes child development, child guidance, health, safety, nutrition, math, sciences, and humanities courses. Graduation requirements include graduating with a 2.00 cumulative GPA and a total of 120 credit hours. It is important to note that the degree program does not lead to teacher licensure. 

The University of Southern Mississippi – Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Sciences (Early Childhood Education) 

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Southern Mississippi helps students examine the systematic relationships between children, family, and community. This program allows you to choose your emphasis area from child development and family sciences. Child development involves childcare administration, early literacy, curriculum development, and creative activities. While on the other hand, family sciences include public policy, mental health, family life education, and human services. 

The faculty at the University of Mississippi includes experts in child development, family scientists, licensed professional counselors, and licensed marriage and family therapists. Therefore, choosing this program is a surety that you will be working under the assistance of the best people. The program is provided through Southern Miss Online, known for its flexible and quality online offerings. It is also regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School Commissions on Colleges. 

The program also emphasizes the importance of internships. All students must engage in on-field experiences to improve their professional skills. Child development students may intern in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten settings. 

Florida International University – Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

A Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education at Florida International University is ideal for students who want childcare, child development, or early education careers. The university is also recognized as one of the top 40 most affordable universities for early childhood education. For admissions of first-year students, students with fewer than 60 credits can apply. While for transfer students, the applicants must have 60 or more transfer credits. 

After graduating from FIU, students can adapt their careers as occupational therapists, infant-toddler developmental specialists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and elementary or preschool teachers. The track of this program is centered around understanding and learning during the early childhood years. Students get to explore children’s language, cognition, and social and emotional development with reference to family and community. The track, however, does not result in teacher certification. 

University of Alabama at Birmingham – Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers an online Bachelors in Early childhood education. The program serves as a strong foundation in childhood development theories, teaching methods, and curriculum planning for children from birth to eight years. The curriculum’s main focus is teaching strategies, family involvement, and cultural diversity.

The university offers this program through UAB’s School of Education. During their time at UAB, students get to have teaching field experience in rural, urban, and suburban environments. Moreover, they have an open opportunity to conduct research and present that research at the Office of Undergraduate Research Expo. 

Liberty University- Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Liberty University offers an online Bachelor’s program for students interested in creating a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for children. The program will prepare you from a Christian perspective and offer you a solid educational development and behavior foundation. This non-licensure program requires students to pass with a 2.0 CGPA. 

It is an 8-week course that caters to the needs of students who want 45 hours of field experience in a classroom setting. There are certain requirements attached to it. For instance, the hours should be spread throughout the subterm. It ensures active placement by logging hours in the practical field throughout the subterm. The university is popularly known for its robust online education system. You can get a taste of learning with a well-rounded education integrating early childhood education, psychology, and special education. 

Liberty University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. It affirms the quality of its educator preparation programs.


If you are an individual with a desire to further your education in early childhood, there are a number of universities to choose from. In the above list, we have shortlisted some of the best universities offering remote education without compromising quality. In the end, it all comes down to your subject preferences, residence, and the affordability of a university. However, before you choose any university for a program, do more detailed course-specific research as well. Good luck with your journey!