Early Childhood Education Degrees in Portland, Oregon

Welcome to Portland, Oregon,the city in the USA where the academic system bears witness to its commitment to offering top-notch educational supplies from pre-kindergarten to doctoral levels. The state significantly focuses on the Early Childhood Education programs. It is a nationally accredited program that equips aspirants to work closely in early care and educational settings. 

Potential early childhood educators and experts have many opportunities to develop their pedagogical training by enrolling in innovative educational institutions. In Portland, Oregon, many universities and colleges offer additional training through their Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Programs. Lets swiftly review what Portland, Oregon has to offer!

Early Childhood Education Degrees in Portland, Oregon – On-Ground

Following are some good universities in Portland for early childhood degrees:

Associate Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Portland Community College-Associate Degree, Early Childhood Education. 

Portland Community College is the largest post-secondary college in Oregon. It caters to more than 50,000 students in its four major campuses and ten centers in multiple locations. The Early Childhood Education program at Portland Community College facilitates its students with all the necessary skills and knowledge required for a successful career in the early childhood education field, including preschool teaching, family and child care.

The courses are meticulously planned so that they can help the students with what they require in this demanding career. It has evening, Saturday, and online sessions to make it possible to get the certificate and 85 percent of the credits toward the associate degree.Along with an Associate degree in early childhood education for two years, they provide two other certified courses for less than a year, such as the Career Pathway Certificate in Childcare Aide and the Career Pathway Certificate in Early Childhood Education.

Southern Maine Community College-Associate Program in Early Childhood Education 

Southern Maine Community College (SMCC), earlier called Maine Vocational Technical Institute in 1946, when it first opened, has two campuses in South Portland and Midcoast. This program in Southern Maine Community College is specially developed with all the necessary expertise for teachers dealing with children aged 0-8. The course outline includes both theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, keeping in mind the criteria set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The complete program includes almost 63 credit hours and four semesters. After completing this program, there are several career opportunities that you may avail yourself, such as becoming a preschool teacher, running your child care center, or becoming a public school teacher at the elementary level. 

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Western Oregon University-Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Studies

Western Oregon University is located in Monmouth, Oregon. Initially established in 1856, this beautiful campus contains over 5000 students in different programs. This Bachelor’s program is designed for teachers handling children aged 0-8. It includes different subjects for majors and courses that mainly focus on educational equality, sensitivity amongst cultures, and career scope in early childhood education. 

The program is a 4-year program with almost 83-88 credit hours, depending on the significant subjects you choose. Students who enroll in this program typically aspire to work as teachers or in a position that involves working with children from birth to age eight. The focal points of courses are educational justice, cultural sensitivity, and inclusivity as a way to get ready for working with young children.

Eastern Oregon University-Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Eastern Oregon University was established in 1929 as a college for educators. It has now grown into a regional hub for learning, culture, and research in rural Oregon. Eastern Oregon University, EOU, is a particular college for teachers offering a broad variety of programs for teachers for early childhood education, and the university is offering almost 40 on-campus courses. 

Aspirants can enroll themselves in either a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education degree at EOU being interested in working with children from 0-8. This program does not need a license and can allow individuals to work in childcare centers, private schools, or even the public sector. 

Warner Pacific University-Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood/Early Education

Warner Pacific University, founded in 1937 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is an urban, Christ-centered liberal arts institution committed to promoting educational opportunities for students from all walks of life. Potential teachers can get their license by completing this degree program in Early Childhood/Elementary Education, which includes various courses with practical experiences like teaching in schools.

Before you get your teaching license in Warner Pacific University, it is mandatory to complete 100 hours of practical teaching in several schools under the supervision of licensed trainers, which also adds 15 weeks for full-time teaching. This pre-service teaching from this hands-on training benefits you because you can appreciate the multicultural character of the modern classroom and a firm grounding in the skills necessary to enter this dynamic and gratifying field.

Master’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Lewis and Clark Graduate School-Master of Arts in Teaching with Preliminary Teaching License: Elementary – Multiple Subjects

The college was founded in 1867, located at Palatine Hill Road, Portland, and ranked at #94 in the list of best colleges in National and Liberal Arts. The Master of Arts in Teaching with Preliminary Teaching License at the Elementary level is specifically created to cater to the needs of students looking for a license as primary school teachers in Oregon. 

The curriculum includes graduate-level study with practical classroom experiences, equipping candidates with all the required skills to instruct essential topics to many children proficiently. The duration of the complete program varies from 1 to 2 years as per the course requirements. However, visit the website to get complete information regarding the course details. 

University of Oregon- MA, MS, MEd in Early Intervention Licensure with Endorsement in Special Education

The University of Oregon was founded in 1876, and the main campus is located in Eugene,  Oregon, having a satellite campus in Portland. The University of Oregon’s Special Education Master’s degree emphasizes Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education. This program focuses on inclusive practices and family-guided intervention to prepare professionals to provide high-quality services to disabled children between 0 and 5. Graduates of the curriculum can pursue careers as EI/ECSE specialists, parenting coaches, service coordinators, and more. The curriculum incorporates coursework and real-world internships, focusing on evidence-based methodologies. 

Prospective students must meet the entrance requirement set forth by the Division of Graduate Studies at the University of Oregon to be eligible to apply for the program. This frequently requires meeting an English language competence criterion, holding a bachelor’s degree from a school recognized in the region, and supplying the necessary application documentation.

Doctorate Degree in Early Childhood Education 

University of Oregon – Doctor of Education in Early Educational Leadership

The University of Oregon’s Doctor of Education (D.Ed.) program in Educational Leadership seeks to develop leaders in educational practice, policy, and scholarship. The curriculum focuses on developing leadership abilities, carrying out improvement plans, and keeping track of academic progress. 

Working educational professionals who want to develop communication, assessment, and research skills should enroll in this program. The Pre-K-12 curriculum strongly emphasizes guaranteeing equal results while using evidence-based decision-making. The systems-level approach of the curriculum equips graduates to understand and have an impact on the educational system using unbiased research and assessment methods. An official transcript, proof of language proficiency, and program-specific material like a curriculum vitae, test scores, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and writing samples are all required for admission to the University of Oregon’s Doctor of Education program. 

Early Childhood Education Degrees in Portland, Oregon- Online

Associate Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Portland State University -Online Associate Certification in Early Childhood Education 

Portland State University is located on Broadway offering an associate certification in Early Childhood Education designed for degree-seeking and non-degree students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Throughout the program, the aspiring teachers practice as early childhood professionals while undergoing through rigorous research-based, and cutting-edge practices. It is a distinctive, multidisciplinary early childhood series that helps you gain the strength and information to increase your understanding of children from birth to eight years old.

Furthermore, this 120-credit-hours, entirely online program may be finished in less than a year and offers flexible course sequencing with quarterly class start dates. The curriculum satisfies the criteria for the Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) and upper division credits on the Oregon Registry (Steps 9-10) in addition to facilitating credit transfer toward bachelor’s or master’s degrees. This program highlights the university’s dedication to offering flexible and accessible education to students looking to further their careers in early childhood education.

Portland Community College- Online Associate in Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

The Portland Community College (PCC) offers an online associate in applied science to prepare students for various professions in educational settings. PCC also offers courses for elementary education transfer and teacher relicensing. Students can transfer credits for an Associate of General Studies or an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree to continue their education at four-year universities.

To apply for the program, prospective students can visit PCC’s website and complete the application instructions. They can also contact the Education Department for assistance and further information on entrance requirements.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

South Oregon University-Bachelor of Arts/Science in Early Childhood Development (BA/BS)

The Bachelor in Early Childhood Program at South Oregon University is entirely available online, offering multiple choices for employment with children in the early years. This program is for those who have completed two years of college. South Oregon University has collaborated with several other colleges to make transferring students to their online program easier. It contains all the advanced-level courses required for a BS degree. Although the program is available online, it is recommended that the students complete 120 quarter credit hours with all the designated courses. 

Master’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Portland State University-Online Master’s in Early Childhood: Inclusive Education

Graduates of Masters in early childhood education at Portland State University can opt for one of the highly successful careers in different fields of education, such as preschools, public programs, and classes for toddlers. After gaining substantial experience, you can also move further towards teacher training, curriculum development, and family-based social and community services. 

This graduation program is entirely online, and after completion, teachers can know and apply an inclusive method or pedagogy to their students. It doesn’t include licensing. Therefore, it is easier to do it at an individual’s own pace and understanding; it usually requires two years. It contains a total of 45 credit hours in the program. 


Early Childhood Education remains a vital and one of the most competitive programs in the complete educational framework of Portland, Oregon. Individuals who wish to pursue academic degrees in Early Childhood Education within the Portland region are advised to thoroughly study the present educational programs available at esteemed universities, including those mentioned above. Aspirants can start right away!