Early Childhood Education Degrees In Cleveland, Ohio

As we delve into the field of early childhood education, it is crucial to acknowledge its immense influence on creating leaders for the world of tomorrow. This article will explore Cleveland’s diverse range of early childhood and elementary education degree programs. Cleveland, Ohio, one of the most dynamic and inventive cities for academic possibilities, has a plethora of degree programs and courses that provide aspiring educators with the required expertise needed to mentor and influence the minds of young learners. We are here to guide you through the many possibilities of getting into top-ranked universities and well-maintained community colleges. 

For that, we will need to check on an institution’s faculty and their expertise, the curriculum offered, and the prospective employment opportunities each program provides. Furthermore, we will look into the potential benefits of these degree programs for students and the community members to which they will be providing. Here’s to degree programs from Associate to Doctoral for students determined to make a mark in the world of early childhood education. Let’s get started!

Early Childhood Education Degrees in Cleveland, Ohio – Onground

Enlisted below are some of the top-tier colleges and universities offering on-campus degree programs in Early Childhood Education in the vibrant city of Cleveland, Ohio:

Associate Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Cuyahoga Community College – Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

Degree programs in Early Childhood Education equip aspiring educators with skills needed to work in inclusive settings, Head Start schools, montessori, etc. Cuyahoga Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science A.A.S. in Early Childhood Education to aspiring preschool associate teachers. Students who have passed their High School certificate are eligible to apply for this program. Students will receive detailed instruction on the foundations of early childhood education, early psychological development, and curriculum planning. Graduates exiting this program can work at Pre-Kindergartens after passing the Ohio State Department of Education’s Pre-Kindergarten Licensure program. 

Students must take a total of 64 credit hours to complete the degree successfully. The course content provides an emphasis on Children’s Development, Interpersonal Communication, General Psychology, Literacy in an Inclusive Setting, Child Guidance and Behavior, Atypical Individuals, and Infant/Toddler Curriculum, followed by a Student Teaching Practicum. Students who want to carry on their studies can transfer their Associate credits to a 4-year Bachelor’s degree program at any university throughout the state. If you want to join this program, visit the university website now!

Cleveland State Community College – Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education

Cleveland State Community College offers an on-campus Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education to aspiring educators who plan to work with young learners from birth to grade 3. This program has a close association with colleges and universities. Students who desire to carry on their studies can transfer Associate credits to a 4-year bachelor’s degree program. This program is designed to equip students with a state-of-the-art curriculum through theoretical and practical approaches, allowing professional development of the candidate. 

Students exiting this program can create age-appropriate curricula, effective pedagogy, and inclusive learning environments. Students must take a minimum of 61 associate credits to complete the degree. The study plan offers an emphasis on Introduction to Early Childhood Education, Initial Practicum, Family Dynamics, Infant/Toddler Development, Exceptional Child, Children’s Literature, Creative Development, and Developmental Assessment. Students can complete their degree by studying four semesters as a full-time student. Students seeking financial aid in challenging times can contact FAFSA. If you want to make your CV marketable, enroll now!

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Cleveland State University – Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (P-5) Program

Department of Teacher Education at Cleveland State University offers an on-campus Bachelor’s degree in Primary to Grade 5 (P-5) Education to students preparing to work at daycares, kindergartens, and preschools. This degree is designed for undergraduates who are interested in taking educational leadership roles in early childhood settings. The purpose of this bachelor’s degree is to guide and equip potential educators with an avant-garde curriculum for young learners from birth to age ten. 

Graduates exiting this program will be able to take leading roles as educators, researchers, and policymakers in the domain of early childhood education. In addition to fieldwork courses, the university provides clinical experiences and vocational training to maximize hands-on learning and professional development. This program is committed to initial child learning and culturally appropriate learning practices to nourish the minds of young learners. Students who are currently enrolled at any licensure track can expand their licensing by endorsing courses leading to a Grade 4 to Grade 5 license. For further information, the university administration can be contacted. 

John Carroll University – Bachelor of Arts BA in Primary Education

The Bachelor of Arts B.A. in Primary Education at John Carroll University is an accredited 4-year program thriving in excellence in teacher preparation through state-of-the-art curriculum and high-quality fieldwork experiences. This program is designed to equip students who want to work with children aged three to eleven. For improving interpersonal communication and honing critical thinking, this degree program offers courses on pre-kindergarten and primary education. 

Graduates of this program can take prominent positions in early childhood leadership as curriculum developers, early childhood specialists, paraprofessionals, preschool teachers, or child development advocates. This program offers an eight-week long The Shepherd Internship Program for developing understanding and connections with other students, professionals, and alumni. Upon completion, students stand eligible for appearing in the Initial Licensure Early Childhood Exam. 

Master’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Cleveland State University – Master of Education in Early Childhood Education

College of Graduate Studies at Cleveland State University extends its educational landscape with a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education to aspiring educators seeking advanced study in early childhood education for revolutionizing the domain of early education of young learners from pre-kindergarten to grade three. In this program, students are given instruction in typical and atypical educational settings providing guidance to students with mild learning disabilities and disorders. 

Students must take a total of 30 graduate credits through courses like Foundations of Early Childhood Education, Philosophy of Education, International Education, Curriculum Planning at Preschool, and Teaching Methods for Kindergarteners, followed by a Practicum and an internship for hands-on experience and professional maturity. Students with a bachelor’s degree can apply for an initial teaching certificate. Such students may pass their course with a Master’s degree and a teaching license. Additionally, students may appear in licensure program exams for an exclusive grant or certificate to kickstart the pedagogical career. If you want to join, apply now!

John Carroll University – Master of Education M.Ed with Initial Licensure 

If you want to expedite your way to teaching licensure while simultaneously studying for a Master’s degree, John Carroll University is the right option for you. John Carroll University offers a Master of Education M.Ed with Initial Licensure. Accredited by CAEP, this program offers two pathways to aspiring educators: School-Based Path and Professional Teacher Path. The track for the school-based path requires 11 months of full-time study starting from the summer semester. It allows students to take full-time courses and a full-day internship at renowned school labs. 

The Professional Teacher Path allows adult learners to take asynchronous classes according to their schedule. A maximum of five years is given to the learner to complete the degree. The final-year learners are expected to engage in on-site fieldwork and clinical coursework for maximum hands-on learning. Graduates exiting this program can apply for three types of teaching licenses according to their liking and choice. For further information, visit the online university info desk now!

Early Childhood Education Degrees in Cleveland, Ohio – Online

Enlisted below is a top-ranked university offering an online Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education to working professionals and adult learners in Cleveland, Ohio:

Master’s Degree Program in Early Childhood Education

Cleveland State University – Online Master of Education in Dual Resident Education (DREAM)

Cleveland State University at Cleveland, Ohio, offers an online Master`s in Dual Resident Education (The DREAM). DREAM is a six semester long Master`s program requiring 22 courses that lead to two initial licensure: P-5 Specialist and Early Childhood Intervention Specialist. In addition to degrees and licenses, the program ensures TESOL endorsement. Students in this program prepare to become educators with adequate knowledge and skills needed to guide P-5 preschoolers and foreign students. Graduates exiting this program can join early educational settings as administrators, preschool teachers, and intervention specialists. 

The course scheme provides a focus on Classroom Designing, Interdisciplinary Teaching, Social Context of Education, Child Development, Inclusive Teaching Methods, Reading Methods, and Equity in Education/Community. For completing the degree successfully, submitting a project and thesis is a must. Students can apply for financial aid at FAFSA for need-based scholarships and monetary support. If you want to supplement your CV with a qualification that ensures licensure, a certificate, and a degree, this program is the right option for you!


The demand for professionals in the field of early childhood education is escalating day after day. Cleveland, Ohio, provides a wealth of opportunities to aspiring policymakers and early childhood educators dedicated to providing high-quality education for maximum growth and development of young minds. We have explored a diverse range of colleges and universities offering on-ground and online degrees and certificates in Early Childhood Education with benefits and perks. Before getting into a college, visit the website of the Ohio State Department of Education to acquire knowledge of ongoing degree programs and their rules and regulations. Select the program of your choice and embark on your path to success!