Early Childhood Education Degrees In Newark, New Jersey

Are you passionate about modeling young minds and equipping them with a future-oriented approach? Since early childhood education is considered a pivotal step in a child’s holistic development, training them with effective techniques and curriculum has become the need of the time. These effective skills not only nourish the young mind but also provide anchors for their cognitive, emotional, and psychological development. 

Located 8 miles west of Manhattan is the vibrant city of Newark in the state of New Jersey. Newark, New Jersey, enjoys a flourishing academic system that prioritizes lifelong learning of preschoolers from birth to beyond. Whether you’re pursuing a supplementary degree in Early Childhood Education or becoming an educator, this city has endless opportunities. This article explores on-campus and online degree programs from Associate to Doctoral in the city of Newark, New Jersey. Let’s dig in! 

Early Childhood Education Degrees in Newark, New Jersey – Onground

Let’s look at the extensive list of top-tier colleges and universities based in Newark, New Jersey, offering various on-campus programs from Associate to Doctoral to early childhood educators! 

Associate Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

University of Delaware – Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Early Childhood Education

The University of Delaware is a private state-assisted research university located in the heart of Newark, New Jersey. Curated explicitly by keeping full-time students and working professionals in mind, the University of Delaware Department of Education and Human Development offers an Associate of Arts (AA) in Early Childhood Education. This program has been designed to deliver state-of-the-art instructions and knowledge necessary for children’s cognitive development from birth to age 5. The contents of the course can be studied both on-campus and online. 

A total of 61 credit hours of onsite, online, and field learning must be studied to complete the degree successfully. Designed according to the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the plan of study provides a prime concentration on courses of Diversity and Learning, Engaging Interactions in Early Childhood, Child Guidance, Observation and Assessment, Supporting Education in Science and Mathematics in Early Childhood, and Foundations of Child Development. To provide hands-on experience to learners, the program organizes several courses on the UD’s Children’s Campus field. 

Essex County College – Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Education with emphasis on Early Care

Based in Newark, New Jersey, is a state-sponsored community college, the Essex County College thriving in excellence in Early Childhood Education. Keeping avant-garde child care curricula in consideration, Essex County College offers an Associate of Arts (AA) in Education with an emphasis on Child Psychology and Development: Early Care. Completing a minimum of 60 credit hours is a must in this program. 

The course of study for this program is based on a wide range of subject matters that will equip an individual with effective pedagogy when interacting with preschoolers. Emphasizing Written and Oral Communication, Reasoning and Skills, Scientific/Quantitative Knowledge, and Social and Human Behavior in preliminary introductory courses, the program shifts its focus to Early Childhood Education in its major courses as it offers various programs on Child Psychology and Development.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Rutgers University – 5-year BA/MA Program in Elementary Education (K-6) with Subject Matter Specialization Certificate (5-8)

Curated by keeping school administrators, early childhood specialists, and education consultants in consideration, Rutgers University Graduate School of Education offers a Composite Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree with 2 Teacher certifications in its 5-Year Program in Elementary Education From Kindergarten to A

ge 6. It also confers a Subject Matter Certification in ages 5 to 8. The scheme of study incorporates 39 undergraduate course credits, 33 graduate courses, and 15 credits of college-level work. 

The graduates of this program are made effective practitioners with extensive training and skills in learning, instruction, and curriculum. The course of study offered to students focuses on Educational Psychology, Classroom Organization, Assessment and Evaluation, Literacy Development, and Principles of Classroom Learning. Upon completing the degree, students will be awarded a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, an elementary education teacher certificate K-6, and a middle school specialization certificate. If you want to avail yourself of this booming opportunity, enroll now!

Rutgers University – 5-year BA/MA Program in Elementary Education (K-6) with Preschool through Grade 3 Certificate

Rutgers University is yet again teeming with opportunities as it is all set to offer another composite Bachelor’s/Master’s degree with two different teaching certificates. Students seeking to perform a role in early childhood education and development are offered a 5-Year Program in Elementary Education (Kindergarten to age 6) with a supplementary preschool through grade 3 (P-3) teaching certificate. Designed following the GSE curriculum, courses in early childhood development and care and principles of childhood learning are offered to give students instruction in modern learning.

Upon completing the degree, the University will grant a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and initial teacher certifications for P-3 and K-6. Students will complete 33 graduate course credits, 39 bachelor’s course credits, and two course modules of zero credit. Students exiting this degree can serve as family support specialists, private tutors, early childcare specialists, and educational advisors. 

Programs for Parents Agency – New Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education with a focus on Infant/Toddler Services

Programs for Parents, a sub-department of the NJ Department of Human Services, identified as the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency in the Division of Family Development, has started a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education aimed at teaching effective learning techniques and skills to aspiring early childhood specialists and family support advisors. Funded by the state of New Jersey in collaboration with New Jersey City University, the program lends its services to Infant/Toddler management. 

Students of this program can learn to provide high-quality care to toddlers and infants in need of nourishment and care. Students must maintain a CGPA of 2.5 to remain in the said program. The university committee has designed a preference scale for Associate degree holders in Early Childhood Education for enrollment. If you wish to join this program, visit the website now!

University of Delaware – Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Early Childhood Education

Sufficing the great demand for early childhood special education and early childhood teachers, the University of Delaware presents a blooming opportunity to early childhood specialists and preschool teachers looking to pursue a rewarding career in K-12 instruction and learning. The University of Delaware offers a composite 4+1 program that will confer a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree upon completion. Additionally, students can collaborate with students of other majors to enhance collaborative learning. 

The University’s ECE Program provides its graduates with extensive field experiences for thorough learning through hands-on experience. Accredited by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCATE), this blended program makes the students eligible for nationally renowned certifications and awards. Moreover, students of this program can join exchange programs in Greece, Athens, and the Cayman Islands. 

Master’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Rutgers University – Master of Education (Ed.M.) in Elementary Education (K-6)

Keeping school administrators and early childhood education policymakers in consideration, Rutgers University has designed a Master of Education Ed.M. in Elementary Education with K-6 certification for Bachelor’s degree holders who are looking to pursue a Master’s degree with a teaching certificate. This degree’s curriculum has been designed to concentrate on specialized and foundational topics in elementary education, subject-specific teaching, and educational psychology.

Starting in the summer of every year, this program incorporates 63 graduate course credits which must be studied for the degree grant. Upon completion, graduate students will be referred to the New Jersey State Department of Education for the grant of the CEAS Certificate needed to pursue teaching as a full-time job in public and private sector educational institutions. If you want such a degree, grab the opportunity and apply online now!

University of Delaware – Master of Arts (M.A.) in Early Childhood Development and Programming

Located in the heart of Newark, New Jersey, in the township of Delaware, is the University of Delaware provides abundant learning opportunities to Bachelor’s degree holders in Early Childhood Education by offering them a 12-month-long Master of Arts (MA) in Early Childhood Development and Programming with a specialization certificate in Leadership in Early Childhood and Human Services. 

Designed for full-time students with an on-campus teaching mode, this degree provides extensive learning opportunities by organizing on-field educational courses to maximize learning through hands-on experience. Additionally, extended partnerships with local schools and organizations foster interactive learning methodology in teachers. The course of study emphasizes Early Childhood Literacy Skill development and Programming for Young children with Special Needs. 

Ph.D. Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

University of Delaware – Ph.D. In Education and Social Policy

For graduate scholars willing to study the effectiveness of early intervention programs and neighborhood factors that cast an everlasting influence on school safety and the well-being of students, The University of Delaware has launched a Ph.D. program in Education and Social Policy with five different areas of research, four of them being Early Childhood Policy, K-12 Educational Policy, Family Sciences and Human Development, and Social Policy. 

By presenting research and conferences, publishing peer-reviewed articles, and engaging in interactive, interdisciplinary environments, doctoral scholars can polish their pedagogical skills for early care and educational policy, professional teacher development, and outcomes of early childhood intervention programs. Devising policies for evaluating and assessing school environments is also essential in research. 

Early Childhood Education Degrees in Newark, New Jersey – Online

Here are some of the top-ranked institutions in Newark, New Jersey, providing online degree programs in Early Childhood Education to its residents!

Master’s Degree Programs in Early Childhood Education

Rutgers University – Online Ed.M. in Learning, Cognition and Development

To facilitate working professionals and students, Rutgers University has devised a 100% Online Master of Education Ed.M. in Learning, Cognition, and Development of Preschoolers and Kindergartners. Students holding a bachelor’s degree and wanting to pursue a Master’s can join this program carefully designed for instruction in the psychology of learning, child development, and early cognitive memory.

Students admitted to this program must complete at least 30 credit hours. Emphasizing early childhood education, the courses offered include educational psychology, cognition and development, professionalism in early childhood, and equity and inclusion. Students exiting this program can serve as early childhood educators, educational professionals, and special education specialists. 


Since Early Childhood Education is considered a pivotal point in shaping and upbringing young minds, guardians and parents always search for top-notch educational facilities with highly qualified teachers and professionals. Enlisted above are top-ranked educational institutions in Newark, New Jersey, supplementing the field of Early Childhood Education with avant-garde techniques and methodology. Your search is over; choose your area of interest and get started now!